Lambeth Council expands its School Streets 

27 September 2023

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Lambeth Council is expanding its School Streets programme by adding 32 new locations to reduce road danger and exposure to pollution for pupils, parents, and staff during peak times of the day.

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Lambeth Council expands its School Streets 

School Streets use part-time traffic restrictions to keep streets around schools clear of motor vehicles at the start and end of the day during term-time.

Motor vehicles are unable to use the streets during these times, unless they have an exemption permit, to reduce the danger from traffic as well as improving air quality around the schools.

The 32 new School Streets will each be introduced on a trial basis using Experimental Traffic Management Orders so residents, businesses, and others can suggest feedback and improvements during a six-month live consultation.

Deputy Leader of the Council and cabinet member for Sustainable Lambeth and Clean Air, Cllr Rezina Chowdhury said:

“By removing motor vehicles from the vicinity of schools, we can greatly reduce the road danger and toxic air faced by our young people in a place they should be safe. Expanding the number of School Streets will not just protect pupils but their families, school staff and local residents too.

“They also encourage more parents to leave their cars at home and travel to school in more active and healthy ways.

Lambeth Council introduced its first School Streets in 2019 and currently has 24 permanent schemes across the borough.

The schemes can play an important role in reducing road danger around schools, encouraging more active travel such as walking and cycling on the school run, as well as reducing exposure to harmful vehicle emissions.

The aim is to have 62 School Streets covering 85 percent of Lambeth primary schools by 2026.

The new trial School Streets will use sensors to measure air quality levels outside the schools as well as on the surrounding streets.

Residents, businesses, and Blue Badge holders who need to access these streets at the restricted times can apply for an exemption permit for their vehicle.

A recent report ‘School Streets Air Quality Study’ by the Greater London Authority found a 23 per cent reduction in both particle matter and Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) levels outside schools that were part of the School Streets programme.

Cllr Chowdhury added: “With our School Streets programme we are seeking a balance between children and young peoples’ safety and causing minimal disruption during the school run.

“With fewer motor vehicles clogging up streets around schools, we’re improving the lives of children and their families”