Schools decorate Brixton with art hoardings

4 January 2017

Written by: Communications team

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Three local schools, Jubilee and Sudbourne Primary Schools and Evelyn Grace Academy take part in an exciting hoardings project for the  New Town Hall. Installation starts on 9 January.

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Schools decorate Brixton with art hoardings

Julie Norburn, director from Art4Space  has involved three Brixton schools -Jubilee and Sudbourne Primary Schools and Evelyn Grace Academy in an exciting hoardings project for the New Town Hall Project.

She said “I love what the children have created around the theme of citizenship and their feelings about the New Town Hall Project, the paintings will create a wonderful outside gallery for all to enjoy for many months during the construction work. What a way to brighten up the streets!”

Julie worked with chosen classes to explore the concept of modern citizenship.  Citizenship across primary and secondary helps children and young people’s social development enabling them to engage with others, to develop understanding of their communities and society, and providing opportunities for responsible and active citizenship.

Drawings, doodles, words and quotes were used to create  an overall design and composition, which was then transferred into a set of paintings by Art4Space in partnership with muralist Jade Perry. Installation starts on 9 January 2017.  Content generated through the project will also feature in Future Brixton.

“This is an amazing project for our pupils and what an achievement it will be to see their artwork on a busy Brixton street in January!” Mr Gayle, Head of Art, Evelyn Grace Academy