Lambeth Schools awarded School Garden Grants

23 February 2016

Written by: Food Flagship team

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The Mayor of London has confirmed that 21 schools will share a £42,000 funding pot, allowing them to grow their own food as part of his ongoing drive to tackle obesity in the capital and get young Londoners eating more healthily.

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Lambeth Schools awarded School Garden Grants

21 schools in Lambeth and Croydon will receive grants ranging between £300 and £3,000 from the School Garden Grants scheme to create or improve edible gardens, which will be used to educate children about the food they eat and help them to lead healthier lives.

Lambeth and Croydon were both selected by the Mayor to be Food Flagship Boroughs last year, working to tackle child obesity through better diets and food education. In a UK first, the boroughs are making changes to the way food is served in schools, hospitals, and – working with major supermarkets and other retailers – on the high street. The aim is to show that joined up thinking can improve health and academic attainment of pupils and also of adults in the local communities they serve.

Projects in Lambeth include:

  • Sudbourne School who will receive £2,600 to introduce chickens to their existing school garden. Pupils and parents will be supported by Father Nature, a social enterprise promoting children’s learning through nature and helping young fathers gain gardening skills, build confidence and find employment. Together, they will prepare the site and the eggs will be used in cooking classes and any surplus sold to the school community.
  • Julian’s Primary School who will receive £1,170 to create a small shop next to the garden where children can sell produce and products they have grown and made. Children will pick and prepare seasonal produce, make preserves, create a school recipe book, collect and package seeds and grow plants in pots to sell.

The other schools in Lambeth receiving a grant are:

  • Effra Early Years Centre – £2,000
  • Maytree Nursery School and Children’s Centre – £2,438
  • Stockwell Primary School and Children’s Centre – £3,000
  • Archbishop Sumner Primary School – £675
  • St Stephen’s C of E Primary School – £2,766
  • Oasis Academy Southbank – £2,550
  • Livity School – £500
  • St John’s Angell Town C of E Primary School – £3,000

Benjamin Woodgate from Whole Kids Foundation said: “The more kids know and feel connected to their food, the more curious they become about how things grow or taste, and the more willing they are to try new foods. This is why we believe in edible garden learning spaces.”

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