Small Change, Big Difference

Did you know, over half the 900,000 tonnes of food thrown away in London each year is perfectly edible? Wasting it makes no sense either environmentally or economically.

Caption: "Small Change, Big Difference" next to the EU Life logo.

Food can sometimes be functional and thrown away: a sandwich we grab and eat on the bus, or a salad we chuck in the bin because we forgot it was there or were too busy at work to get home and eat it. The Small Change, Big Difference campaign, funded by the EU Life Programme, shows that simple ideas and small changes can reduce the environmental impact of the food we eat, as well as save us money and make us healthier.

Pop-up events

Come and join Veolia and Lambeth Public Health at a range of pop-up events across Lambeth  They’ll be handing out a range of food storage freebies from bag clips to can covers, as well as spaghetti measurers to help you with perfecting your portions.

We will also be giving out the food network guides created by the team at The People’s Fridge.

Tips and recipes

What to do with leftover veg? How do you peel your garlic?

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