Let’s act together to stop the spread of Covid-19

11 August 2020

Written by: Lambeth Council

Health and Wellbeing

Lambeth Council will update the latest information we have on Covid-19 case numbers three times a week for everyone to see.

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Let’s act together to stop the spread of Covid-19

Lambeth Council have promised to share updated information about the Covid-19 situation in Lambeth with the people who live and work in the borough. A new Covid-19 Information Dashboard is part of our Outbreak Prevention and Control Plan.

One stop for information

Our new Covid-19 Information Dashboard will share key information on the number of cases of  COVID-19.  It will help everyone in Lambeth understand the need to keep themselves, their loved ones, and other people safe and help prevent local outbreaks.

Regular updates

We will update details of the numbers of cases three times a week. We will make the information available in community languages and in easy to read graphics. Seeing any changes in the numbers will help everyone understand how to stop the virus from spreading and infecting more people.

Keeping the numbers low

There has been a recent increase in cases in Lambeth,  but the number is still low compared with elsewhere in the UK. Doing what we’ve already been doing to protect ourselves, family and friends can help keep the number of cases low:

  • Keeping a social distance of 2m apart from people.
  • Wearing a face covering in shops and other public buildings, on public transport, and anywhere that’s too busy to keep 2m apart.
  • Washing hands regularly with soap and water or cleaning them with an alcohol based hand sanitiser.
  • Getting a free test immediately and self-isolating if you have symptoms.

The Dashboard is available on Lambeth Council’s information pages

More information on testing

  • The main symptoms of infection are: a high temperature; new continuous cough; change or loss of sense of taste or smell.
  • Get tested even if you think you only have mild symptoms. Book online,  or call 119.  You can get a home testing kit or drive, cycle or walk to your nearest testing station.
  • Stay at home and self-isolate until you get your results.
  • If you need help getting a test or self-isolating, please contact 0333 360 3700 or email mycommunity@ageuklambeth.org