Stoptober: stop smoking and good things happen

22 September 2023

Written by: Lambeth Council

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There’s free support available for all Lambeth smokers seeking to quit this Stoptober.

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Stoptober: stop smoking and good things happen
stoptober 2023 'stop smoking and good things start happening'

good things happen – food tastes better

Since 2012, Stoptober has successfully helped 2.5 million smokers quit. The theme this year is ‘When you stop smoking, good things start to happen’. Within days or weeks without smoking your senses of taste and smell improve, you start breathing more easily and have more energy. In time, your longer-term risks of cancer, lung disease, heart disease and stroke reduce significantly.

Word from the NHS

Oscar Moreno, Tobacco Dependence Treatment Manager from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Hospital said: “With specialist support, smokers are three times more likely to quit. Stoptober is a great opportunity to join the challenge and quit smoking for good. We encourage Lambeth residents to contact Lambeth Stop Smoking Service and have a chat.”

Vaping to help smokers stop

Stoptober 2023 also focuses on vaping to help smokers quit. The campaign will challenge the myth that vaping is as harmful, or more, than tobacco.

Help for you to quit smoking in Lambeth

stoptober 'good things happen' poster -holiday fund jar

Good things happen – holidays get closer

Looking to quit in Lambeth? Get local support.

Lambeth Specialist Stop Smoking Service

Free one-to-one support and Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) or vaping kit from Lambeth Specialist Stop Smoking Service, delivered by Guy’s and St Thomas NHS Foundation Trust. For:

  • People diagnosed with one or more long-term conditions, including mental illness.
  • Pregnant smokers and their partners.
  • Parents with children aged five or under.
  • Long-term chronic smokers.

Tel: 0800 856 3409 or 020 3049 5791/email:

Community Pharmacy service

Smokers looking to quit can access the stop smoking service in these community pharmacies:

  • Osbon Pharmacy, 143 Lambeth Walk, London SE11 6EE
  • Harfleur Chemist, 219-221 Clapham Rd, London SW9 9BE
  • Kingshield Pharmacy, 387 Brixton Rd, London SW9 7DE
  • Philips Pharmacy, 70A Clarence Ave, London SW4 8JP
  • New Park Pharmacy, 85 New Park Rd, Brixton Hill, London SW2 4ES
  • Boss Pharmacy, 85 Bedford Rd, London SW4 7RD
  • Day Lewis Pharmacy Streatham, 9a Gracefield Gardens, London SW16 2SZ

LGBTQ+ Creative Health Smoking Cessation Group

Lambeth has an LGBTQ+ population of at least 10%, compared with an average 4% in England. Data shows that smoking rates are higher in the LGBTQ+ community.

Lambeth Links LGBTQ+ Community Forum in partnership with Art 4 Space and Lambeth Stop Smoking team offer a free 8-week smoking cessation group for LGTBQ+ smokers. Sign up here. Any questions, contact Julie:

Health and Wellbeing Bus

For some Stoptober dates, a stop smoking adviser will be on board the Health and Wellbeing bus. To find out when and where view the bus timetable.

Self-help resources