Street Tag gets Lambeth schools moving

10 January 2024

Written by: Lambeth Council

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StreetTag – the app where schools collect points as they walk, cycle, roll or scoot (but not drive) past virtual tags and work towards winning prizes – is  now live in Lambeth.

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Street Tag gets Lambeth schools moving

Get your community moving and convert active travel and exercise into prize points. Lambeth’s Public Health and Active Travel Teams are partnering with Street Tag to get families active in 2024.

Points for prizes

Street Tag is a free app-based system with collectable points for walking, cycling  or scooting (but not driving) past virtual tags. You need only move within 40 metres with the app on in the background, no need to scan codes or ‘collect’ tags. There’ll be high value tags to discover in monthly events, too.

Every school in Lambeth is invited. School teams can include up to 250 parents, carers, children, staff and governors – and schools are allowed more than one team. Every point adds to your school’s leaderboard. Families and school staff can add to their school’s score by collecting extra points on the app and by encouraging other schools to sign up. Street Tag will support schools and parents with detailed monthly monitoring – total steps, tags collected, miles, number of players. Five top scoring schools each term (or “season”) win £50 to £500 prizes from Lambeth.

Word from the Cabinet

 Cllr Ben Kind, Cabinet Member for Children & Families in Lambeth said: “Street Tag isn’t just about getting active – it’s about sparking a spirit of adventure! We want Lambeth to be the best place for children and young people to grow up, where they can thrive and be their best selves. This exciting competition not only promotes healthy habits among schools but also inspires families to explore Lambeth’s vibrant parks, green spaces, libraries, adventure playgrounds, sports facilities, and cultural trails. With Street Tag, each step becomes a rewarding journey towards better health and unforgettable experiences.”

Sign up for Street Tag

  • Schools should contact Street Tag to join the School Leader Board. Street Tag will give the school information to send to parents.
  • A parent or carer can download the Street Tag app from the Play Store or App Store and register one or two children.
  • If the school you want to support hasn’t signed up yet, they can join the Leader Board at any time, with 12 weeks each season to win points. Season 1: 10 January – 19 March; Season 2: 8 May -12 July; Season 3: 10 September – 13 November 2024.
  • If your school doesn’t want to join, you can still download the free app and play against your family and friends.