Help us support Fairtrade in Lambeth

15 May 2019

Written by: Sustainability Team, Lambeth Council

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Lambeth  Council is committed to raising awareness of the Fairtrade mark across the Borough, and looking to work in partnership with local businesses  and organisations to boost uptake.

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Help us support Fairtrade in Lambeth

London is the world’s largest Fairtrade City, with Fairtrade products available in many mainstream stores. As a Council, Lambeth is committed to raising awareness and promoting the uptake of Fairtrade products.

Supporting Fairtrade in Lambeth

We encourage local organisations and businesses to use Fairtrade products, and we’re working with Lambeth schools, hospitals and coffee shops (in partnership with Brixton BID). We plan to run Fairtrade events later this year with Guys & St Thomas’ Trust.

Working with businesses

We want to talk with Lambeth businesses and individuals interested in boosting Fairtrade, helping us to organise events or by promoting Fairtrade in their workplaces. If this sounds like you, or if you have an idea to improve Fairtrade in your area, email us

How does Fairtrade work?

The Fairtrade Foundation sets social, economic and environmental standards for farmers and workers growing Fairtrade products. These ensure that production makes minimal impact on the environment and community, while protecting workers’ rights. The standards also ensure that companies pay Fairtrade Minimum Price for products and a Fairtrade Premium – an additional sum over and above the Fairtrade Minimum price, which goes into a communal fund to be invested in projects chosen by the farmers and workers to benefit their local community.

Benefit local communities

When you buy a product with the Fairtrade mark, you are helping to finance projects that benefit local communities, like climate change adaptation training, developing electricity supply, building schools, and energy efficient cook stoves..

How do I know if a product is Fairtrade?

Look for the Fairtrade mark. You can also purchase “fair trade products” certified by other organisations, such as BAFTS or WFTO. These products do not carry the Fairtrade mark, but are produced following ethical standards.

How many types of Fairtrade products are out there & where can I buy them?

Many! From bananas to chocolate, cocoa, sugar, rice and other cereals, tea, wine, coffee…and even cotton and flowers!  Mainstream retailers in Lambeth such as Sainsbury’s, Aldi, Argos, M&S, Lidl, Boots, the Co-operative and many more offer a wide range of Fairtrade products. You can also find them in small and larger local coffee shops.

How can I support Fairtrade?

  • Take our 1 minute survey to help us assess the current uptake and understanding of Fairtrade in Lambeth
  •  Try some Fairtrade products and make the switch…
  • Encourage your local shop…
  • Promote Fairtrade…