TfL’s Cycling Workplaces programme

28 July 2016

Written by: Andrew Galligan, TfL

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TfL’s Cycling Workplaces is available to any organisation within London and aims to help provide a kick start for cycling in these places or to build on existing good work where there are already some cyclists.

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TfL’s Cycling Workplaces programme

As an employer in London, you are entitled to free support and services to help you promote cycling in your workplace. Cycling Workplaces is one of these services. If you have five or more employees, you could benefit from:

  • Free commuter cycle skills sessions
    One-to-one on-bike cycling sessions with a qualified cycle trainer, for beginner, intermediate and experienced cyclists. Available as a taster day at your workplace or as individual sessions.
  • Free cycle safety seminar
    A seminar at your workplace on commuter cycling, cycle safety and how London is changing for cyclists.
  • Free cycle safety checks and bike marking
    A mechanic to provide bike checks at your workplace. Employees can also have their bikes security marked to aid recovery in the event of theft.
  • Free cycle stands*
    A wide range of cycle parking is offered to suit the space you have available, including toast rack stands, shelter’s and folding bike lockers.
    *Stands are provided free of charge. The business is responsible for installation and maintenance costs.

Rebecca at Cousins and Cousins Architects in Camden had the following to say about it: “Before Cycling Workplaces we couldn’t store bikes, so cycling to and from work was hardly an option. Once signed up, we ordered free cycle stands. Having secure and dry storage has enabled at least 30 per cent of staff to regularly commute by bike.

I wasn’t a cyclist before (Cycling Workplaces) but I have since bought a new bike and cycle in to work every day. The registration was simple and has enhanced what our company can offer to our employees.”

Join hundreds of businesses across London to get free cycling products for your staff.

Its easy to register at or email

You can also see what’s available at the Cycling Workplaces shop.