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21 March 2017

Written by: Communications team

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Have you ever wanted in-depth details of Lambeth’s financial position? Or the housing crisis? Or just how the council is spending the borough’s money? Start with our e-newsletter, theBALANCE.

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This month’s instalment of theBALANCE leads with an assessment of the proposed school funding changes from central government that would see Lambeth be among the hardest-hit in the country in terms of the reductions in funding.

Also featuring in this edition is a budget update, as well as news of new Lambeth homes at Lollard Street, where a development to build 89 new homes is well underway.

In addition, there’s a raft of other news, including an update on the progress of Lambeth’s new Equality Commission, a look at how the council did on National Offer Day 2017, permission for a brand new education centre to be built at Windmill Gardens, news from Lambeth’s Violence Against Women and Girls team, ‘Our Streets’ plans for 250 trees to be planted across four wards of the borough and Lambeth’s very own accessibility guide.

There’s also new analysis out showing so-called ‘five for two’ towns, where you can get a five-bedroom house for the same price as a cramped city flat, as well as research by Hamptons International looking at where you can find the best value for money across zones 1 to 5.

And if all of that isn’t enough, then you can also catch up on readers’ feedback on the issues raised in the last edition, and from all previous editions, of theBALANCE.

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