Thriving Stockwell launches Community Living Rooms

26 July 2023

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Thriving Stockwell has officially launched their Community Living Room programme to host free health and wellbeing activities.

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Thriving Stockwell launches Community Living Rooms

On Monday 10 July, Thriving Stockwell officially launched their Community Living Room programme at Arts4Space.

Thriving Stockwell

Founded in 2019 by Steve Griffin, Director of Stockwell Partnership and Dr. Vikesh Sharma local GP at Grantham Practice, Thriving Stockwell connects community groups, service providers, councillors, and residents to reduce health inequalities and improve the wellbeing of our neighbourhood.

It aims to break down barriers and provide essential support to vulnerable communities, promoting good physical and mental health by connecting residents to social and community activities that improve their wellbeing and resilience.

Community Living Rooms

With funding from Lambeth Council’s NCIL Community Connections Fund and Lambeth Together, Thriving Stockwell have set up two ‘Community Living Rooms’ in the local area to host free health and wellbeing activities. The two Community Living Rooms run weekly at Stockwell Park Community Trust in the heart of the Stockwell Park Estate, and at Arts4Space, a short walk from Stockwell Tube station.

The Living Rooms host health and wellbeing sessions designed and run by local people including Yoga & Tai-chi wellbeing groups, Rumba Class, Coffee & Chat for people with Chronic Pain, a Safe Space group for Ethnic Minority Women and a Creative Sewing club.  The programme of activities is supported by Thriving Stockwell’s Community Builder Marta.

Word from the Cabinet

Cllr Jim Dickson, Lambeth Cabinet Member for Healthier Communities, praised Thriving Stockwell as “A trailblazing model that is inspiring new collaborative ways of working across the borough”.

Cllr Dickson and Cllr Donatus Anyanwu, Cabinet Member for Stronger Communities, Leisure and Sports joined the launch event to share their support for the aims and ambitions of Thriving Stockwell, emphasising its alignment with the key strategic priorities in Lambeth 2030, the Council’s new Borough Plan.

The Launch Event

Thriving Stockwell launch event

Thriving Stockwell launch event

Community leaders, local councillors, practitioners, partner organisations, and some of the residents leading the sessions came together to officially launch the programme and celebrate the impact of thinking differently, of sharing ‘power’ with the local community, and of co-production and co-design as a tool to improve people’s lives and health outcomes.

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