What can residents do to help?

The budget challenge is huge and many council services are going to change.  But if we all do our bit we can keep Lambeth great, here’s some examples of how you can help…

  • Recycle more waste; dealing with a tonne of recycling is £100 cheaper for us than dealing with a tonne of normal waste!
  • Go Online! MyLambeth makes it easier for you to do everything online AND it saves us money. For example an average digital contact costs Lambeth 20p compared to £3 for dealing with a telephone call (15 times more!) or £10 for a face-to-face contact (50 times more!)
  • Keep our streets clean and tidy; dropping litter costs us money to clean up. For example to clean a bit of chewing gum from the ground costs us FIFTY times more than the price of that piece of gum!
  • Get involved and help us protect the things you love; working in partnership with community groups to run parks and other services saves us money AND helps deliver a better outcome for residents.
  • Become a Street Champion!
  • Get together to do a Community Freshview!

Street champion Claudette  Local Streatham father Mark, who organised a Community Freshview in Streatham Common playground  Digi-buddies help residents who need help getting online.

Not On Our Streets - Please do not litter  MyLambeth - Save time, do it online

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