Support for trans people in Lambeth

27 March 2019

Written by: Public Health Lambeth

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This week, Lambeth Town Hall flies the trans flag to support International Transgender Day of Visibility, offers staff training sessions to give trans people better support, and works with King’s College Hospital and CliniQ to launch a sexual health clinic for trans people.

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Support for trans people in Lambeth

Lambeth will mark International Transgender Day of Visibility – Sunday 31 March – by flying the pink, white and blue Trans flag at the Town Hall from Thursday 29 March to Wednesday 3 April.

New health facility

Lambeth Public Health are also working with the Camberwell Sexual Health clinic at King’s College Hospital and with CliniQ to launch a sexual health clinic for trans people in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham.

Staff train to give trans people better frontline council services

To help increase awareness within Lambeth, frontline staff are being offered Trans awareness training sessions to help them to be better able to support trans residents. There will be training sessions throughout the next 12 months, with the first this week. The trainers are Gendered Intelligence who have supported Trans people and run training sessions to increase the understanding of gender diversity for over 10 years.  The course includes:

The Wider Context

  • Sex, gender and sexual orientation – how do they interact?

Language and Terminology

  • What does ‘trans’ mean?
  • The diversity of trans lives
  • Key terms
  • Straightforward guidance on managing language

The Law and Trans People

  • The Equalities Act (2010)
  • The Gender Recognition Act (2004)
  • How might Trans people be discriminated against or harassed?

Becoming Trans Aware and Trans Inclusive

  • Common good practice in trans equality and inclusion
  • The real experiences of trans people
  • How trans might appear in your workplace – developing a positive approach and confidence

This is a joint project between Lambeth Public Health and HERO/GMFA, a local LGBT voluntary sector organisation.