Van Gogh Walk’s little library

21 May 2015

Written by: Emily Curd / The Little Library

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Van Gogh Walk has a new addition, the ‘Little Library’ cabinet.

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Van Gogh Walk’s little library

The Little Library is the idea of a local mum who felt that not all families are able to enjoy books at home and don’t always have the time to visit their local Lambeth library.

The reason this library became possible is because of the joint effort of local resident Karen Walton and her daughter Holly, who suggested the Little Library should be placed along Van Gogh Walk and carpenter William Shaw, who put the Little Library together.

Local resident Karen said: “We would like to make a few more for the Vauxhall Gardens area and Slade Gardens and, if possible, the skate park at Brixton. I would be thrilled to receive help and advice on installing a couple more in Lambeth.”

The library is a small cabinet which sits on the wall above two seats. It is filled with books donated by local people, Books about Town, and World Book Night. The content of the library is always changing, as local people continuously borrow and give back. As well as books for all ages and languages, people have also started leaving poems and messages, toys and decorations.

Harry Swanson, a local teenager said: “It’s such a simple and easy way to share things”. Like other neighbours he regularly picks up rubbish, tidies the books and asks around for new supplies when needed.

The message on the library door says: ‘You are welcome to take any book to read here or at home. Please bring it back when you finish and/or leave another’.

Van Gogh Walk

Van Gogh Walk is a beautiful space which has transformed the way people use outside space. Since the street, formally known as Isabel Street, has been closed off to traffic at one end it has transformed the way local people use this space. The walk is filled with beautiful plants and flower beds engraved with famous quotes from the letters Van Gogh wrote when he lived there. There is a basketball net, two unique playful sculptures and some stepping stones for young people to enjoy.

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