Bringing Vassall and Coldharbour wards together

13 January 2016

Written by: Vassall and Coldharbour Forum

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Vassall and Coldharbour Forum brings together individuals, organisations and communities in the two Lambeth wards. Find out how they are making a difference to their residents.

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Bringing Vassall and Coldharbour wards together

We are Vassall and Coldharbour Forum, an umbrella organisation bringing together individuals, organisations and communities in the Vassall and Coldharbour wards in Brixton.

We bring people together to radically improve the neighbourhood as a place to live, play and work. Our aim is simple – we want to make everyone more prosperous in Vassall and Coldharbour.

As well as creating new jobs, we have a richer definition of wealth – it is whatever makes life worth living. This means:

  • Our neighbourhood is a safe and attractive place where people can meet, play and work
  • Everyone can afford to eat well all the time
  • Everyone can afford to heat their homes
  • People can find their own solutions and work together to bring them about

To make this a reality, we have helped to bring a wide range of funding to the area. Recently we worked closely with Lambeth Council, Lambeth CCG and Southwark and Lambeth Integrated Care (SLIC) to distribute a Health and Wellbeing Fund in the two wards. The funding will go towards the co-production of projects that will promote health and wellbeing, and reduce isolation in our community. We helped to introduce the funding team to local individuals and community groups who have received grants to get their projects up and running between January and March.

We have also secured other funding from Better Start, which aims to improve the life changes of children aged 0-3, and Love Your Roots which supports local food growing groups. This means that we have unique opportunities in these wards to try and build a prosperous, resilient and sustainable future for our communities.

We will be drawing up a community vision for the neighbourhood with meetings on 20 January, a residential weekend conference on 20/21 February and a meeting on 16 March. Contact us via email to find out more and to get regular updates.

We would love to hear from you, so to get involved or find out more about us, visit our website.