Volunteer fair at West Norwood

15 February 2017

Written by: Property Services

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Lambeth Property Services organised and delivered a successful Community Volunteer Fair at West Norwood where over 100 people were counted coming to see what they could do to help their community.

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Volunteer fair at West Norwood

Various organisations came and used the opportunity to promote their volunteering opportunities;  Age UK Lambeth, Victim Support Lambeth,  4All, Paxton Time Bank Team, Holy Trinity Social Club, Living Well Network, Mencap Lambeth, Shelter Streatham, Disability Advice Service and Lambeth Carers Hub.

Age UK said : “It was a brilliant opportunity to see so many people interested in volunteering and helping out their community. We signed up over 30 people on the day which was absolutely amazing.”

All involved expressed how well it had gone and came away with many new volunteers interested. They also used the opportunity to network and found how their services could work together in the community to improve the overall health and wellbeing of the residents of Lambeth and the surrounding areas.

Property Services don’t often get the chance to get involved with the local community due to the nature of what we do so it’s nice to be able to show our dedication to the Borough and focus on our citizens in this way. We very much hope to repeat this event in the future.

If you are interested in volunteering please e-mail wnhlc@lambeth.gov.uk for more details.