Walcot Foundation – New Funding Round for Verbal Expressions of Interest

21 November 2019

Written by: Lambeth Council

Opportunities - Voluntary and community sector

The Walcot Foundation offers grants to organisations and schools for projects helping people in Lambeth from low-income households. Contact them from 18 November to discuss if your project fits the funding criteria.

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Walcot Foundation – New Funding Round for Verbal Expressions of Interest

Lambeth-based charity The Walcot Foundation offer grants of up to £25,000 per year for up to three years for organisations working with low-income Lambeth residents. The current round of grant applications opened for verbal expressions of interest on Monday 18 November.

From disadvantaged to self-sufficient

Grants to organisations, projects and schools are for projects that help people in Lambeth move from disadvantaged to self-sufficient. If you’re a school or organisation with a project that’s  focused on helping people in Lambeth with removing barriers in education, maximising learning, building employability (especially youth unemployment or in-work poverty) or developing money sense, you can qualify for help. These are the Foundation’s Governor Priorities. If your project is focused on one of our Governor Priorities telephone us now.


For more information

For more about projects the Walcot Foundation supports (eg Lambeth Larder, campaigning to end high-cost credit), please see our information pages for more information and how to apply

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