Wanna cycle? And well?

18 June 2015

Written by: Sustainable Travel

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It’s Bike Week from 13-21 June and here are a few ways you can get yourself on two wheels this summer

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Wanna cycle? And well?

Get your bike out of the shed, dust it off and bring it to one of our …

Free Dr Bike sessions in locations across the borough

Professional mechanics will check brakes, gears, tyres and more to make sure you are roadworthy to begin your summer of cycling. The events also feature Lambeth Met Police who will be bike security marking for free and adding your bike to www.bikeregister.com. Don’t forget to jump up into the cab of the lorry at the event and have a chat with the driver about road sharing with HGVs and checking out blind spots.

The events take place on Wednesdays between 5 to 7.30pm. Please check the Dr Bike webpage for your local session.

Try Before You Bike

If you have thought about cycling but not yet made the leap then you can Try Before You Bike. It is a scheme that does what it says on the tin and helps you to find out if cycling is for you.

At only £10 to borrow a bike for 4 weeks and lots of support such as free tailored cycle training, maintenance course, route planning and an option to buy the bike at a reduced cost over 4 months, what is stopping you from giving it a go? Please go to the Try Before You Bike webpage for more details or watch the Try Before You Bike YouTube video.

Free cycle training (adults and children’s lessons)

As well as the free cycle training offered to all Lambeth-ites whether you work, study or live in the borough all year round, we are also holding some kid’s group training sessions in a park near you over the summer. The training is four mornings in one week and gives your child the skills to be safe and assertive on their bike.

For more information please look up the next Children’s summer cycle course date.

The London Cycle Challenge

The London Cycle Challenge returns on 8 June for three weeks and you can log your mileage retrospectively, so sign up and see how many miles you can do. There are lots of prizes to be won and joining a team will increase the competition.

Please visit the Love To Ride website for more information.