West Norwood: Join community efforts to improve the local environment

29 August 2023

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Lambeth Council is holding an interactive community event in West Norwood on Sunday, 3 September to work with local residents on improving the neighbourhood and tackling the climate crisis. The event will be held in Hannen Road, and will coincide with the street’s car free day and the area’s monthly Norwood Feast local street market.

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West Norwood: Join community efforts to improve the local environment

The car free day in Hannen Road is a chance for residents to join experts from the University of Greenwich, the council and representatives from the local business group, Station to Station, to share how they think we can act locally to make the neighbourhood better and more resistant to climate change.

Activities on the day will include collage making for children and adults to suggest how Hannen Road could look with better more public space and better natural environment. There will also be map making with locals where they can design how they would like the street used. Photography walking tours will run to capture what is important in the area to local residents and those who use the space.

The event supports the council’s Sustainable Urban Drainage (SuDs) schemes that aims to cut the local flood risk by introducing new measures that capture rain water to stop it from putting pressure on our aging sewer system. They use planting and trees to better protect people from extreme heat. SuDS can also feature new landscaped areas, mini nature gardens, new outdoor areas to socialise and cycle parking.

To learn more about the project visit Hannen Road Futures.

Cllr Rezina Chowdhury, Cabinet Member for Sustainable Lambeth and Clean Air, said:  “I’d encourage local people to come to Hannen Road on Sunday and join the conversation about how we can both improve our neighbourhoods and make them better prepared for the climate crisis we face.

“We know local people are passionate about the environmental challenges we face, this offers a chance to learn more, contribute and act locally in the face of an issue that can feel intimidatingly big.

“It’s important we act now, for example Lambeth faces a rising flood risk over the coming years and we want to protect households now and in the future. Local action is critical to creating neighbourhoods that are more resilient to climate change.”

Hannen Road was chosen because it has step-free access to West Norwood train station, but little else for local people or commuters. The area has also been found to be at risk from heat waves and happens to be one of the most suitable locations for SuD schemes.

Cllr Chowdhury said: “This street is really busy at times, but we don’t often have the opportunity or reason to stop and enjoy its potential. It has beautiful mature trees, a gentle slope and sits right on the edge of busy West Norwood town centre.

“I know that by working with the community we can make Hannen Road somewhere with a good local environment, one where people can socialise and one that contributes to making Lambeth our  flood resistant and greener. But we want local people to tell us how that could done to best serve the local community.”

The project is part of the council’s award-winning Kerbside Strategy that aims to reclaim a quarter of Lambeth’s kerbside from car parking, so it can be used as space for parklets or cycling hangars.

To read more visit lambeth.gov.uk/big-shift-programme or to find out more about Norwood Feast visit westnorwoodfeast.com