Windmill Drive transformation plans announced

26 October 2021

Written by: Lambeth Council

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 Lambeth Council is seeking views on ​its plans to transform part of Windmill Drive on Clapham Common.

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Windmill Drive transformation plans announced

​At the height of the pandemic last year, the council installed a temporary modal filter on Windmill Drive to ​make it safer to walk and cycle through the common by removing motor vehicle traffic.

Lambeth Council is now exploring whether to make the shared space a permanent scheme following the successful trial period.

The council has commissioned PJA to design a permanent scheme and has been leading conversations with local people throughout the summer.

A comprehensive engagement programme was delivered by specialist agency We Are Street Space to ensure a range of views were collected.

Lambeth Council is seeking further feedback on the proposals before a final decision is made over the next few months.

View from the cabinet

Cllr Danny Adilypour, joint Cabinet Member for Sustainable Transport, Environment & Clean Air, said: “Enabling active travel such as walking, and cycling is central to delivering the council’s aims of a healthier, greener borough ​and the right infrastructure is key to this. ​

“Windmill Drive is well-used by large numbers of people every day, including families who use it to access Clapham Playground, the Spinney Activity Centre or Mount Pond.

“We believe the shared route becoming permanent will create a safer route through the common that is accessible to all and reduces motor vehicle traffic.

“Since the temporary scheme was launched, we have received positive feedback but we would like to hear from residents and businesses on the future plans for Windmill Drive.”

For more information and to share your views visit our proposals page

Cleaner and Greener

Lambeth Council was the first London Borough to declare a climate emergency in January 2019 and is committed to delivering an ambitious future transport strategy.

Lambeth’s Citizens’ Assembly on Climate Change took place this summer where Lambeth residents agreed recommendations for the borough to reduce emissions. This included providing greener transport routes along with encouraging cycling on better, safer routes.

The council also aims to work with residents and business to create streets and neighbourhoods that are pleasant, free of traffic and safer for those walking and cycling.

To support this Lambeth has five trial Low Traffic Neighbourhoods, 22 school streets projects and borough wide secure on street bike storage.

New ​cycleways also now criss-cross the borough making ​active travel safer ​and more accessible than ever.

For more information about the plans visit