Mr W’s whole house works

22 December 2016

Written by: Communications team

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Lambeth Housing Standard works to the windows, roof, kitchen, and bathroom of Mr W’s council home have played an important part in improving his quality of life.

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Mr W’s whole house works

Safe at home

“I used to worry about the dog getting lungworm from slugs that came in through the old window frames. With the double glazing, no slugs get in.”

The Lambeth Housing Standard (LHS) programme to make sure council homes are warm, dry and safe includes internal works like new kitchens and bathrooms and external works such as double-glazed windows, roof renewal and updated guttering. There’s also a ‘whole house’ programme, inside and out, that started on almost 200 homes last year.

Indoors and out

A new kitchen and bathroom, double glazed windows and roof repairs in Mr W’s Brixton flat are newly complete.

Colour choices

“As long as I got it replaced, I didn’t really care about the kitchen colours.  I was half expecting the old-style white council kitchen. These ladies (the resident Liaison Officers from contractors Mulalley) helped me choose a floor colour to go with new wooden cupboard doors. I did pick the work tops, which I’m pleased with. The floors are so much easier to clean than the old boards, I clean every day now. With the old kitchen, it wasn’t worth putting the heat on to dry out the mould, because all the heat was going outside. Now I’ve treated the mould and there’s no heat loss. It’s really changed my life.”


“Some days we had 4 or 5 working here doing the kitchen and bathroom at the same time. I just kept out of the way and took the kettle into my bedroom. They always hoovered up. We always said if we had to go out, and they always said if they were working on someone else’s home that day. It’s just courtesy. Daniel, the site manager, was here almost every day checking the quality of the work. There was only one problem with a window, I phoned and he came round the same day.”

Whole house programme