Young artists bring “Memories of our future” to Lambeth Town Hall

27 March 2024

Written by: Lambeth Council

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A new exhibition in Lambeth Town Hall is the result of three months’ mentoring from artist  Alvin Kofi in how to research, build narratives, and create portraits inspired by the Windrush Generation.


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Young artists bring “Memories of our future” to Lambeth Town Hall

On February 19, Lambeth Town Hall welcomed five young students from The Elmgreen School, their families and friends, to celebrate the opening of their exhibition, ‘Memories of Our Future’.

Shared experience

 This brand-new exhibition is the culmination of a three-month mentoring programme led by Alvin Kofi. Under Kofi’s mentorship, the students learned how to research, build narratives, and create portraits the Windrush Generation. Beyond artistic skills, they also gained insights into the professional art world, a crucial aspect emphasized by Kofi, who wanted to share his experiences and encourage the next generation of young artists to consider a career in the arts.

The featured artists 

 On display are the works of five exceptional students – Caitlin, Chaya, Kelicia, Lamirah, and Rebeccah, and a new piece by Kofi. Each piece tells a poignant story, capturing the memories and experiences of Afro-Caribbeans who migrated to the UK.  The ‘Memories of Our Future’ exhibition not only showcases the artistic talents of these young individuals but also serves as a platform for understanding and appreciating the rich history of the WindrushAdult in red coat talks to girl in school uniform about one of the paintigsin Lambeth Town Hall 'Memories of our future' exhibition Generation.


Word from Lambeth Council

Nabeel Khan, Lambeth’s Corporate Director of Climate & Inclusive Growth, said: “It was truly a momentous occasion when students from the Elmgreen School unveiled their stunning artwork, bringing together a vibrant community of family, friends, and educators, all marveling at the incredible artwork on display and celebrating the remarkable talent of our youth.

“Witnessing such creativity and dedication left us filled with admiration for the budding talent within our borough. It reinforced the invaluable role partnerships with schools play in nurturing and highlighting the potential of our children and young adults in Lambeth. We eagerly anticipate the future endeavors of these young artists, as they continue to showcase their exceptional talent and enrich our community with their creativity”

More information

The Memories of Our Future exhibition is on show at Lambeth Town Hall. 9am to 5pm until June Entry is free. Lambeth Town Hall is located at 1 Brixton Hill, SW2 1RW.

If you would like to bring a group to see the exhibition or have any questions. Please email the culture team at