AccessAble announce accessible South Bank in Lambeth

26 July 2019

Written by: Lambeth Council

Focus on Waterloo - Health and Wellbeing

AccessAble helps take the chance out of going out with details for disabled people online and via a phone App. Their latest Accessibility Guide covers the whole of the South Bank.

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AccessAble announce accessible South Bank in Lambeth

AccessAble has surveyed 10,000s of UK shops, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, theatres, railway stations, hotels, colleges, universities, hospitals and more – giving disabled people, carers and those who need accessibility information the details they need via their Website and App to make going out easier, in easy to read facts, figures and photographs.

South Bank joins together

More than 50 concert halls, theatres, restaurants, bars, transport hubs, shops, and visitor attractions on the South Bank worked together to create Europe’s biggest AccessAble information destination.  All facts, figures and photos can be found via venues’ own websites, and on sites like Visit London, as well as on the dedicated AccessAble site.

Collaboration and partnership

Many people fed into the process of collecting fine-grain detail to take the guesswork out of going out on the South Bank. The survey of Waterloo Station took 21 days. It’s not just every square metre of the building, but information like what training is on offer to skill up employees to help disabled people?

End the postcode lottery

Nick Durston of SouthBank BID and the South Bank Employers’ Group said: “We want to share lessons learned to end the postcode lottery for AccessAble information. What we achieved on the South Bank should be replicated across London to make it a beacon city.”

Word from the Cabinet

Cllr Tina Valcarcel, Lambeth’s Deputy Cabinet Member for disability, said: “This is a landmark project in Lambeth that shows what can happen when people work together  A South Bank with access for everyone is a message we hope goes towards creating a more inclusive city and a more inclusive world.”

Natural dignity

Founder of AccessAble Dr Gregory Burke, thanked Lambeth Council and other partners as he explained his vision “My political hero, Robert F. Kennedy, once said ‘A human being’s natural state is dignity’.  But as a wheelchair user unable to go up 3 steps to a cinema’s ‘disabled’ toilet, or stuck in a shop door, those undignified experiences stay with you. The problem is not with disabled people, it’s with the built environment. “

Send the message ‘Everyone cares’

Debbie Weekes-Bernard, London’s Deputy Mayor for Social Integration said “This shows that to do something truly revolutionary you need the personal experience of the people.  AccessAble South Bank sends a message that everywhere on the South Bank cares about inclusivity.”

For more information

AccessAble South Bank includes all iconic South Bank attractions, so you can plan in advance, save the guides that you want, or use on the go.