Age UK Lambeth celebrate 20 years of handywork

20 March 2019

Written by: Age UK Lambeth

Housing and planning - Voluntary and community sector

This Month, Age UK Lambeth celebrate 20 years of their handyperson service, helping people stay living independently at home.

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Age UK Lambeth celebrate 20 years of handywork

Over 20 years, AgeUK Lambeth’s handypersons team have done hundreds of thousands of jobs for people in Lambeth.  Graham Gardiner, CEO of Age UK Lambeth, said: ‘Our handypersons team has helped keep older citizens of Lambeth safe and independent in their own homes. We look forward to doing the same for them and the wider public for the next 20 years.’


Handyperson Alan Smith joined Age UK Lambeth in 1999 and was our longest-server with 15 years of helping the community.

Q: What made you want to work for a charity?

I always had a good life and felt I needed to give something back to the community

Q: What was your favourite part of the job?

Interacting with older people and helping to make them safe in their own homes.

Q: Did you have a favourite customer?

There were a few regular clients and I always enjoyed a cup of tea and a chat with them- only when time permitted of course! It was one of the great rewards of the job,

Q: Any memorable cases?

One I’ll never forget is an 86 year old lady who wanted a handrail fitted in her bath. I asked her to show me how she gets in, to determine where the rail should go. Once in, she pointed out that the problem wasn’t getting in the bath but getting out! So I apologised and helped lift her out. Her reply was “no apology needed” – this was the first time she’d been lifted up by a man in 30 years!

Q: What difference did the service make to your customers?

It gave back dignity to people struggling to do jobs that when they were younger they could do themselves.

Q: Is there anything you dont miss?

I don’t miss the traffic or the problems of parking!

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Our service is available to anyone in Lambeth, not just older people. You pay £25.00 an hour and we will stay the full hour to do as many jobs as possible in the time.

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