Lambeth invites residents to become Parklet Keepers

20 May 2024

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Lambeth Council is inviting all residents to take a leading role in making their neighbourhoods more pleasant and sustainable by becoming a Parklet Keeper as part of the Big Shift Community Parklet programme.

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Lambeth invites residents to become Parklet Keepers

A parklet is a shared area of the kerbside that would normally be taken up by vehicle parking but has been reimagined as part of Lambeth’s Community Parklet scheme.

The parklets can be used as a social space for residents, opportunities for community greening and growing as well as giving local people more of a say in how they use their streets.

Over the last year Lambeth Council has asked residents to design their own parklet – with five already in place and more planned for the coming months. Each parklet is assigned a Parklet Keeper who helps maintain the new space and report any repairs to the council.

Anthony applied for a Big Shift Community Parklet last year for his road in Clapham. After securing support from neighbours and making the application, the parklet was installed earlier this year featuring benches and planters. With summer around the corner, residents are already planning how to use this space.

Anthony said: “It’s been really well received. Our road isn’t very green, so it’s nice to have something different from cars at the kerbside. We made the application and me and my three sons knocked on doors and everyone was supportive.

“Since the parklet was installed, we all use it. We go out and play games there, or people come and sit or have a rest in the greenery. We have planted herbs and we’re encouraging everyone locally to get involved.

“When people walk past, they always ask us how we got this, did we do it ourselves or was this Lambeth Council? It’s been really nice to see the array of positive comments.”

Lambeth council wants to create a parklet in each of the borough’s 25 electoral wards to help make our neighbourhoods fit for the future, where residents can live happier, healthier lives.

Residents are encouraged to speak to neighbours in their street to gain support before submitting a parklet application outlining why their area could benefit.

Submissions will be reviewed by Lambeth Council to ensure suggested locations are suitable, those taken forward will be built.

Parklets use the kerbside – the area between the road and pavement – to create space for socialising, community gardening or cycle storage.

The kerbside is the largest public space controlled by Lambeth Council with an area equivalent to 194 football pitches, which is primarily used for car parking.

Lambeth Council’s Climate Action Plan and Kerbside Strategy identified how parklets can be used as part of wider plans to reclaim the kerbside to prioritise people ahead of cars.

Deputy Leader Cllr Rezina Chowdhury, cabinet member for Sustainable Lambeth and Clean Air, said: “Our Big Shift Community Parklet programme is already transforming streets to make them nicer places to be, where there is more space for people to enjoy the area they live in rather than having it dominated by parked cars.

“Parklet Keepers are vital to making sure these spaces can be enjoyed by everyone and they provide an essential public service by carrying out maintenance and reporting repairs.

“I would encourage anyone who is interested to speak to your neighbours and gain their support to bring a Big Shift community parklet to your local area.”

For more information visit our Big Shift Community Parklet page.