Get on your bike with our free training and support.

25 February 2016

Written by: Campaigns Team

Community Safety - Health and Wellbeing - Transport

Lambeth Council is number one for cycle training delivery across London and we still have room to train more people. Learn to ride or improve your confidence with one of our courses.


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Get on your bike with our free training and support.

Our cycle training provider Cycle Confident will tailor the training to your ability so if you are a complete beginner they will meet you at your nearest park and go through the very basics, making sure you are up and riding in the first lesson. If you are a regular cyclist but would like some advanced riding skills such as tackling multi-lane traffic along with route guidance, the expert rider will adapt the course to meet your needs. The one-to-one training is suitable for every ability and if you would prefer to learn in a group, we offer group training sessions on Clapham Common where you can make some like minded friends. You can view the range of courses and book your place on the Cycle Confident website.

Don’t forget, if you don’t have a bike but would like to try one out then you can sign up to Try Before You Bike and borrow a bike for four weeks. We will sign you up for some training in your first couple of weeks so that you start off with good habits and offer you lots of support along the way. There are pick up points in the north and south of the borough, so this is a really great way to see how a bike can fit into your lifestyle.

Cycling is good for your health both physically and mentally, helps reduce air pollution and saves you time and money in the process. So what are you waiting for?

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