Right Up Your Street: Brixton City Festival

27 July 2016

Written by: Oval house

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Four days of new performances from Ovalhouse – transforming everyday Brixton locations into music and theatre spaces

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Right Up Your Street: Brixton City Festival

Ovalhouse theatre presents the 2016 Brixton City Festival – a celebration of Brixton with plays and songs about Brixton, from artists who live in, come from, or have other strong links to Brixton. These four days will prove you can find amazing art in everyday places.

The festival runs from Thursday 11 August to Monday 14 August. It will be a showcase for exciting performances and a mix of theatre, circus, music, art and indescribable fun for everyone, performed in the streets, shops and squares of Brixton. Almost all the events are free.

Brixton City festival is the first event in ‘Brixton City’ – an ambitious programme of creative residencies, community celebrations, public interventions and site-specific art happening in the streets in Brixton from now until the opening of Ovalhouse’s new theatre in 2018. Stella Kanu, Executive Producer of Ovalhouse, said: “These performances represent the vibrant energy of Brixton and by using back streets, shops and businesses as their performance space they shine a bright light on how theatre can strongly connect us and our sense of place and belonging.”

Almost 80 Brixton artists sent in work to be part of the festival. Ovalhouse invited them all to a networking event with the idea of starting a community of Brixton-based and Brixton-related artists before the theatre moves into its new home.

Dates and times

There are least two events every day – including an artist who’ll draw your portrait on a banknote, a flashmob dancing in Windrush Square, a play featuring a pub landlady with amazing circus skills and a street display by one of the world’s finest hula-hoop troops.

For more details see the Events pages of Lambeth Council’s website

For more about Brixton City, contact Deb Vannozzi, Head of Press and Marketing, Ovalhouse