Which Brixton hero should we celebrate on the Brixton Pound?

31 July 2014

Written by: Tom Shakhli

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The Brixton Pound is nearly five years old. To celebrate, we’re looking for Brixton heroes for our commemorative bank note. You decide; so send us your suggestions now.

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Which Brixton hero should we celebrate on the Brixton Pound?

Did you know that the Brixton Pound (B£) is nearly 5 years old? The first B£ notes appeared in 2009 and featured Vincent Van Gogh and James Lovelock, amongst others. Designed by local artists and celebrating the history, art, politics and cultures of Brixton, they quickly became collectors items. and you can even buy collectors’ packs.

In 2011 new B£ notes were launched and included a £10 note featuring Brixton-born David Bowie. At the same time, we launched the groundbreaking pay-by-text system. Whilst it’s true that the vast majority of B£ is now spent electronically, our notes remain popular with people in Brixton and beyond so much so you can buy special collector’s packs.

The figures on the notes are rightly celebrated for their achievements and deserving of the term “Brixton Hero”. However we feel that heroes should not be the preserve of the famous or the elite. We believe that there are heroes on every street in Brixton, those who run youth groups, help the elderly, clean our streets, create jobs for others, dish up great food, campaign for economic, social and environmental justice, and many more.

This year, to mark its fifth birthday, we want the B£ to put the spotlight on these people and give them the ultimate immortal accolade – presence on a new special edition B£ note.

It’s your choice

Who are these people? That’s for you to decide. Please email info@brixtonpound.org with the word HERO in the subject and a nomination, along with why you think this person is a Brixton Hero. Please submit your nomination by Friday 29 August.

More about the Brixton Pound

The Brixton Pound is going from strength to strength and is accepted by more than 250 independent Brixton retailers. The Brixton Pound is now working with Community Currencies in Action, a NW European coalition of currency initiatives including London Borough of Lambeth which is testing and evaluating best practice in the community currency field.

Watch out for more exciting developments …


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