Celebrating the new home of the Black Cultural Archives

24 July 2014

Written by: Communications team

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The UK’s new Black Cultural Archives open today in Brixton amid a day of celebration.

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Celebrating the new home of the Black Cultural Archives

 Black Cultural Archives is a national heritage space dedicated to collecting, preserving and celebrating the histories of people of African and Caribbean descent in Britain. The collection includes rare historical documents, photographs, oral history testimonies and an eclectic range of objects dating from the second century to the present day. Many artefacts have fascinating stories that contribute to the historical narrative of British people.

The brand new £7 million building that opens today was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Lambeth Council, the GLA and others. It is located in the heart of Brixton in Windrush Square.

To celebrate the long awaited opening of the building, BCA has planned a day packed full of entertainment with musical performances – including a song composed by Dr Shirley Thompson; spoken word artists including Linton Kwesi Johnson and dance pieces from Jonzi D.  Speeches and keynote addresses will be given by the country’s leading academics and commentators including Dr. Doudou Diene, Dr. Hakim Adi and Professor Gus John.

BCA opens with the exhibition – Re-imagine: Black women in Britain which runs from June – November 2014. The exhibition uncovers the remarkable history of Black women in Britain spotlighting some of the very earliest evidence of the presence and status of Black women in Britain and some of the key periods of change that they have influenced and as a result contributed to shaping British society. The exhibition will include images, documents and oral testimonies for visitors to enjoy and learn about the many inspirational stories. Entrance is free of charge.