Clean Air Villages: Five London boroughs join forces to reduce air pollution

12 July 2018

Written by: Communications team

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In London, approximately 50% of air pollution stems from road transport and of that one third from freight vehicles, such as vans and trucks. Clean Air Villages aims to enable and support businesses, schools and other organisations to reduce emissions from deliveries of goods and services.

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Clean Air Villages: Five London boroughs join forces to reduce air pollution

The programme will work with organisations in 10 air quality hotspots across five boroughs, including Brixton and Streatham in Lambeth. Hammersmith & Fulham, Lewisham, Kensington & Chelsea and Islington are also involved.

The 1-year project is being delivered by Cross River Partnership on behalf of the five boroughs and has been awarded £232,850 from DEFRA’s Air Quality Grant Scheme 2017/18.

In each of the Clean Air Villages, Cross River Partnership will:

  • work closely with businesses and boroughs (via seminars and 1-2-1 support) to identify needs and demand for co-ordinated local solutions to make local deliveries more efficient
  • develop and implement local solutions (e.g. preferred supplier lists, micro delivery consolidation)
  • update CRP’s deliverBEST diagnostic tool with relevant local solutions for businesses in each of the ten focus areas
  • develop communications to motivate businesses to complete the deliverBEST questionnaire
  • support businesses to implement and embed actions, including new collective solutions
  • measure and report reduction in emissions from deliveries & servicing achieved
  • develop case studies to showcase best practice and business benefits of taking action

Word from the Cabinet

Cllr Claire Holland, Lambeth Cabinet Member for Environment & Clean Air, said: “The Clean Air Village project is going to be an essential tool for businesses to do their bit in the fight for better air quality. This practical support and advice will reduce deliveries and lead to a more efficient system of working between suppliers, meaning fewer vehicles on the road, shorter journeys and less emissions of harmful pollutants.

“In Lambeth we are committed to working with all businesses, developers and residents as well as other public bodies at all levels, in order to improve air quality.”

On 11 July, Councillors Harcourt Wesley (Hammersmith & Fulham), Claire Holland (Lambeth), Louise Krupski (Lewisham) and David Lindsay (Kensington & Chelsea) came together to launch the project.