Community hub ..landed

19 January 2017

Written by: Ivor Picardo, Resident Engagement team

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Brixton’s Solon Estate took delivery of an innovative community hub. Local roads closed temporarily to make way for an early-morning lift into position by crane. The hub is an unused, customised shipping container, so arriving in Solon Road was its first real journey.

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Community hub ..landed

Two paid, part-time jobs will be created by the Tenants and Residents Association (TRA) to maintain and run the centre. Job creation was just one of the criteria Lambeth Council needed to guarantee in the application to secure funding from the Big Lottery Fund.

What does the hub have to deliver?

Together, the TRA and Lambeth Council also set specific, measurable targets – including improved health and wellbeing and social cohesion outcomes – that activities based in the hub should meet over the next three years to earn its funding and improve the community. These include:

  • Engaging 180 people from black and minority ethnic communities to get involved in activities that made them feel less isolated
  • Supporting 130 people to take decisions on activities that improve the community
  • Supporting 90 young people to be able to move from joining in with activities to helping to run them

Measuring the project’s progress

Each of the activities organised to deliver the outcomes of the project will be evaluated. This includes both quantitative (how many people are involved in the hub’s activities) and qualitative (feedback from people) evaluation. We will start from a baseline of wellbeing indicators – employment, health, environment) and measure the impact of hub activities on them over the next 3 years.

Seeing what difference it makes

We will share the highlights with the wider Lambeth community and celebrate personal and project successes in newsletters and online – possibly with a dedicated hub website, and we plan to use an annual festival, video interviews and an estate exhibition to record our progress in a creative way.

Do you live on a Lambeth Council estate? Does your estate need a community hub?

If interested please contact Ivor Picardo,, to discuss.