Become a community connector in Vassall and Coldharbour

4 February 2016

Written by: Communications team

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Become a community connector and you can help others in Vassall and Coldharbour wards to improve their quality of life.

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Become a community connector in Vassall and Coldharbour

As a Community Connector you will link people in your local community with activities and organisations that can help improve their quality of life.  This can include linking people up with relevant wellbeing and health services, local community groups and organisation and social groups.

Community Connectors are given training and support to give them the skills needed to be able to talk to people about wellbeing, the things that they can do for themselves, and places to go to access help and support doing this.

You will act as a link between other wellbeing programmes and organisations in Vassall Coldharbour such as the Primary Care Navigators, Healthy Living Pharmacies and Community Health Champions. The ability to link people with services, and services with people will help create connections that could provide a safety net of social support to help people feel better about their wellbeing and where they live.

How do I get involved?

We are looking to recruit people to be Community Connectors for Vassall and Coldharbour wards. This is a voluntary role that can be undertaken by people who live or work in the area.

The Community Connector programme is designed to enable people who already are involved in volunteering in the community to take part and develop a new skill to complement what they do already. Examples of existing community roles would include:

  • Street Champions
  • Money Champions
  • Befrienders
  • Volunteers at health and community organisation

The training programme lasts four days in total, and takes place during March and April. To become a Community Connector you will need to attend all four days training, so please make sure you can do so before you apply.

The training is from 9.30am to 2.30pm on the following dates:

  • Day 1 (7 March): explains more about the programme, how you could be a Community Connector and what services are available.
  • Days 2 & 3 (16 and 17 March): will cover wellbeing, health and behaviour change. At the end of day there you will have the opportunity to gain a qualification, Level 2 in Understanding Behaviour Change, from the Royal Society of Public Health (RSPH).
  • Day 4 (12 April): the final day is about putting things into practice and learning how to fit being a Community Connector into your life.

To find out more contact Fraser Serle on oor 020 7926 7500 or Josepha Reynolds on or 020 7926 9266.