Council Tax support

3 July 2017

Written by: Revenues and benefits team, Lambeth Council

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Tell us what you think about proposed changes to Council Tax support.

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Council Tax support

We are proud that our current scheme – developed in consultation with Council Tax payers – protects over 30,000 people every year, including pensioners, registered disabled people, carers, families subject to the benefits cap and war widows.

While we continue to lobby the government to reinstate the full cost of Council Tax support, we have to reduce the cost of our scheme – as we seek to save £55 million over the next three years – so that we can support those who most need it.

We want to know what you think about proposed changes to:

  • Add new non-dependent charges for adult children, relatives or friends
  • Change the way we calculate Council Tax support
  • Increase the amount of Council Tax you will need to pay if you are not in a protected group
  • Reduce Council Tax support backdating to four weeks
  • Reduce the capital cut-off to £6,000

If you receive Council Tax support it’s really important you tell us what you think.

To have your say:

The consultation runs until Sunday 3 September.