Council vows to confront ‘moral scar’ on society as Cabinet supports ambitious delivery programme

18 March 2024

Written by: Lambeth Council

Council statements and updates - Housing and planning

Housing dominated the recent meeting of Lambeth Council’s Cabinet, as they welcomed bold new measures for tackling the borough’s deepening housing crisis.

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Council vows to confront ‘moral scar’ on society as Cabinet supports ambitious delivery programme

A new housing strategy and a revised allocations policy which had both been subject to public consultation were overwhelmingly approved, along with the New Homes Programme which aims to deliver a minimum of 500 new homes by 2030.

Cllr Danny Adilypour, Deputy Leader of the Council and Member for Sustainable Growth and New Homes said:

“The lack of affordable housing is a moral scar on our society and in Lambeth we will intervene more to confront the housing needs in the borough.

“The New Homes Programme brings forward our ambition to deliver hundreds of affordable homes to be occupied by council tenants. We know we need to accelerate the pace of delivery to get households off our housing waiting list and out of temporary accommodation and into the homes they so desperately need.”

Lambeth residents attended the public meeting held on Wednesday 13 March and shared their optimism about the renewal of their estates. The Cabinet heard from a teenager living on South Lambeth Estate who believes the “new homes will provide employment and training for young residents on our estate” along with “community spaces” and “opportunities for enterprise and business, local shops and for the older generation”.

The housing strategy, which also received the green light, centres on an empathetic, resident-focussed approach to repairs and other services, aiming to increase resident satisfaction with the quality of service on a yearly basis. The strategy also tackles homelessness and rough sleeping through various initiatives, including the Homewards Project in partnership with the Royal Foundation.

Councillor Maria Kay, Cabinet Member for Better Homes and Homelessness, said she was pleased to present the housing strategy at Cabinet, which was the culmination of several years work. She highlighted the many improvements the council has already made such as the restructuring of housing management and neighbourhood services which has brought “housing officers closer to the people they are there to serve”.

“Most important of all we have started to introduce a culture of empathy, transparency and responsibility in all our services. There’s still a lot more to do and I’m confident that our housing services will continue to improve.

“Lambeth is a special place and our residents are at the heart of what makes Lambeth a great place.”

Lambeth’s updated housing allocations policy will make the process of joining the housing register more equitable, ensuring fairer access for those in temporary accommodation and prioritising those in greatest need.

This adjustment is a testament to Lambeth’s commitment to tackling the housing crisis through a comprehensive and inclusive approach, aiming to make Lambeth a place where every resident can find a home and thrive.