Do The Right Thing – Michaela’s Story

15 April 2014

Written by: Campaigns Team

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As part of the Do The Right Thing campaign, we met Michaela, who cycles everywhere and also organises a free monthly cycle event.

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Do The Right Thing – Michaela’s Story

There are so many benefits to cycling. It is, as we all know, an environmentally friendly way to travel and a great way to stay healthy.

It may also surprise you to find out how much money you can save from swapping your daily commute to pedal power. There are plenty of schemes to help with the cost of buying a bike and accessories.

Many cyclists find that their journey by bike can be quicker than travelling by car or public transport because they are not delayed in traffic and they can make good use of cycle routes to take the most direct journey direct from their door.

Michaela says, “I started cycling because it is a cheap way to get around London – I spend about £100-200 per year on my bike, cycle gear and maintenance, which is probably the same price as a two month travel card!

It’s also a great way to get to know the city better, is obviously good for the environment, and keeps you active and healthy. I’ve also heard it’s good for your mental health too – like running, cycling can be quite meditative, giving you time to think as well as relax, and the sense of freedom, of being self-reliant and independent can be very empowering.”

Bringing people together to share cycle knowledge and maintenance help

Michaela’s passion for cycling also inspired her to organise ‘Pscycle Analysis’, a free monthly cycle event specialising in cycle talks and cycle maintenance.

Michaela says, “We have a different speaker each month with the aim to spread cycle knowledge and know-how, and also provide a space where people can meet, eat and talk about bikes!”

Pscycle Analysis is held on the last Wednesday of the month. For more information please visit their Facebook page

Great cycle schemes and events in Lambeth

We want all destinations to be reachable by bike so that you are able to take advantage of the benefits of cycling. Lambeth’s cycling strategy is the vision to become the most cycle friendly borough in London.

Hundreds of cycle racks and secure residential cycle parking bays have been installed around the borough. If you know of a destination that needs a cycle stand please email Richard Ambler on

Try Before you Bike loan scheme – A brand new council scheme which allows you to borrow a bike for four weeks to use as you like. After the time is up, you will have the option to return the bike or buy it at a reasonable price.

Dr Bike – Free cycle maintenance checks and advice events held regularly throughout Lambeth. To find out where and when the next event will be held, please go to

Free cycle training – If you want to cycle but do not feel confident on the roads, free one-to-one training sessions are available to improve your confidence when cycling on the road.