Eardley Road Sidings Nature Reserve needs more friends!

16 November 2016

Written by: Judith Ressler, The Conservation Volunteers

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Did you know that tucked away, between railways lines and housing, lies a hidden little nature gem?

Eardley Road Sidings Nature Reserve is located behind Abercairn Road and between Bates Crescent on one side and Bennet’s Close on the other. It’s only a 10 minutes’ walk from Streatham Common station.

It’s teaming with wildlife and you can easily forget that you are in the middle of London.

The nature reserve needs you!

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Eardley Road Sidings Nature Reserve needs more friends!

Eardley Road Sidings is a Local Nature Reserve. Local Nature Reserves are places for people and wildlife. This site protects wildlife and heritage features and offers people special opportunities to study or learn about nature or simply to enjoy it.

Over the course of the year TCV has installed a new path with benches and a picnic area in a clearing in the middle of the woodland.  We built a pond and cleared the woodland of over a ton of rubbish.

To keep the nature reserve in the best condition for people and wildlife we need your help.

TCV and Lambeth Council are looking for people to form a community group that would like to help to improve this site and care for it in the future.

We can support you to get going if you want to make a difference and are keen to help and improve this nature area!

In return we provide

  • Support with running practical conservation work days during the day, evening or weekend
  • Building your skills in horticulture or conservation through training and sharing
  • Support to create a self-sustaining community group
  • Advice on health & safety, raising funds, or promoting your events
  • Risk Assessment and tool safety training

We have a community meeting coming up Tuesday 29 November 2016.

Please get in touch if you want to help and get involved!

  • Contact: Judith Ressler  TCV Community Outreach Officer
  • Email: j.ressler@tcv.org.uk
  • Mobile: 079 01 00 83 16

This engagement project was founded and supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and Lambeth Council, run by The Conservation Volunteers.