A blueprint for tackling inequality throughout the borough

18 July 2017

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Lambeth’s Equality Commission is a blueprint with over 80 recommendations for tackling inequality throughout the borough.

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A blueprint for tackling inequality throughout the borough

We’re proud of what has been achieved in Lambeth over recent years but we are also acutely aware of the level of deprivation that still exists in this borough – and the fact that some members of our community suffer even greater levels of inequality. This is why we set up The Lambeth Equality Commission.

The Lambeth Equality Commission

This Commission underlines our belief that tackling unfairness must be a priority for everyone living in Lambeth. It is made up of 12 Commissioners who have a diverse range of links throughout Lambeth’s many communities, and bring extensive knowledge and experience to the Commission’s work.

Tackling inequality in the borough

The commission has listened carefully to the personal testimony and expert evidence that has been provided by hundreds of people in meetings and has set out an ambitious set of recommendations which include:

  • Campaigning for all local employers to sign up to the London Living Wage – and ditch zero-hours contracts
  • Targeting extra help at children in the greatest need – at the earliest stage of their school careers
  • Increasing the number of Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) and disabled people in leadership roles at work
  • Helping Lambeth’s young people break into higher-paid and skilled jobs – including in the creative and digital industries
  • Improving trust and respect between the police and the community
  • Monitoring disability hate crime as a specific crime

You can read all of the recommendations in our Equality Commission Report & Recommendations 2017 report, either:

You can help

These recommendations require action from us and the whole community to break down the barriers holding so many people back. If you want to help tackle inequality in Lambeth make your pledge below in the comments section.

Next year, the Commission will report on what progress has been made by the council, its partners and the community, in addressing the inequality that we have exposed in this report.

Watch the “Blueprint for tackling inequality” video on YouTube.