Statement following the Grenfell Tower fire in Kensington

14 June 2017

Written by: Communications team

Community Safety

Update:  For all fire safety and updates following the Grenfell Tower fire please visit

Following last night’s devastating fire at Grenfell Tower in Kensington, Leader of Lambeth Council, Cllr Lib Peck, has released the following statement to reassure Lambeth residents:

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“I have been in contact with the leader of Kensington and Chelsea to offer any practical support we can. Hundreds of people are without homes and have nothing except the clothes they fled in.

“I know many residents in Lambeth may be concerned about the state of our housing blocks and I wanted to give an update of the current situation and response to last night’s fire.

“Lambeth officers have confirmed that all Lambeth Housing structures have an up-to-date fire risk assessment. There are a range of actions required as a result of the assessments which are being followed up – and blocks are being prioritised. Our Director of Housing Services chairs a fortnightly health and safety meeting which monitors the action plan and reviews fire risk. He is also meeting with the Health & Safety team today to review further actions following last night’s incident, and these will include:

  • reviewing blocks which have similar designs to Grenfell
  • writing to all residents in blocks to reassure them, confirm there is an up-to-date risk assessment and remind them to not use communal areas or walkways for storage of any kind
  • meeting LFB to discuss evacuation procedures and ensure notices in blocks are renewed or updated where required

“Finally, I am sure we would all like to place on record our collective appreciation to the London Fire Brigade, and London Ambulance Service, who have worked through the night to bring the fire under control and keep residents as safe as possible.

“As we know more about the cause of the fire, lessons learnt and good practice will follow which will be reviewed alongside Lambeth procedures.”


7 Thoughts on “Statement following the Grenfell Tower fire in Kensington

  1. Natasha P says:

    I think it’s brilliant that tower blocks are being reviewed. However, I live in a three storey block and we don’t have fire alarms in central areas or individual flats as our neighbours nearby in Southwark were issued. We had a major fire on my floor last year which hardly anyone noticed before the smoke was thick and fire fighters were advising residents to stay in their flats because is was no longer safe to leave. Will my block and others like it be reviewed also?

  2. Assebe says:

    Dear Derek,
    In light of the current evacuation in Camden, have you carried out fire safety assessment in blocks of towers in Lambeth? I live in Brittany Point Tower block and am concerned if the recent refurbishment used same cladding material as Grenfell Tower. Also if there are any breaches in terms of Gas etc.

  3. Julian H says:

    please could you update this statement detailing which tower block have cladding similar to grenfell –
    as it is now known that though the grenfell cladding might have been compliant with the current legislation it poses an increased risk, I want to know whether my mother lives in one !

  4. Deborah A says:

    I echo Derek’s sentiments with a thanks but also would like fire doors for our building installed as soon as possible, particular our front doors which were due to be changed a few years ago. I’d also like the communal door, which has never ever locks so that anyone can enter, to have an intercom system so that we’re not at risk of arson which has happened here before

  5. Tiffany J says:

    Thank you for your statement it does offer some comfort. However, in my block there are elderly and vulnerable people who are very worried and paranoid after this horrific incident. Can you give us specific reassurance regarding our tower block as we have had a lift out of service for a couple of months which only leaves one lift that is now being over used with residents always getting stuck in it. I am very frightened and just want to know if our block is safe.

  6. Derek says:

    Thank you for being so prompt, in issuing this statement, now will you please as a matter of urgency finish outstanding repairs to our tower block communal fire doors; ie door closers that do not function as intended….

    • Communications team says:

      Hi Derek,
      Please can you contact the Housing Management team on 020 7926 6000 with your block’s details and the location of the doors, so that they can investigate this.

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