Health and Wellbeing Board informal discussion – January 2017

20 January 2017

Written by: Health and wellbeing board

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Join us for an informal meeting on 26 January 2017, the focus of the discussion will be alliances and how they help in developing co-ordinated services.

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Health and Wellbeing Board informal discussion – January 2017

Alliances and alliance contracts have been used in many different settings around the world and are becoming increasingly used in the public sector in the UK.

Lambeth’s experience of alliancing in mental health has been very successful and there are plans to do more. We will hear an update on these as well as more about alliances in general. There will be a discussion to hear views on:

  • Will Lambeth’s plans for alliances make a difference to the things that matter to me?
  • Are there any aspects to the plans that cause me concern?
  • How else might we use alliances to improve health and care in Lambeth?

The meeting will be facilitated by Linda Hutchinson who is the adviser to Lambeth Council and Clinical Commissioning Group on alliances and collaborations.

Join us

  • Where:   Karibu Centre, Gresham Road, Brixton, London SW9 7PH
  • When:   from 5-6pm on Thursday 26 January