The heat is on in Hurst Street

27 November 2016

Written by: Communications Team

Better Lambeth - Housing and planning

Lambeth is installing upgraded heating and hot water systems as part of the borough-wide Lambeth Housing Standard.

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The heat is on in Hurst Street

LHS Heating works are on site in in Herne Hill House and Park View House.  One  of the first tenants to sign off to say they were satisfied with the completed works told us about having the work done.

“The contractors were in and out in three days. They always arrived within a few minutes of 8am, they put down dust protection and cleaned up afterwards. They were always very communicative – although my wife helped by offering them cups of tea and coffee. We had our hot water back by the end of day one.

Site visitors

“Our old boiler was in the kitchen above the sink. A few of our neighbours have come up to see the new one. We’ve opened our doors to the public but didn’t charge admission. I think they were expecting to see a big boiler, not one that leaves room in the cupboard. I’m not sure what they expected to see, we’ve all seen photographs of how it would look. We’ve always had communication – not just letters, but visits. We even went down to the site office with various ‘what if?’ scenarios like losing the spare keys or going out to work early – and they always had an answer.

“It took less time than we thought, we got it done sooner than we thought, so it’s given us a chance to have a big clean of the flat ready for Christmas, the contractors have been cool and helpful throughout.

Warming to the idea

“The new system guarantees water pressure at times of peak demand, so we can get out of bed and have a shower straight away.We used to have radiators to turn up – now we’ve got a thermostat that comes on automatically when the temperature drops below a certain point. It’s too early to say if it will save on our heating bills, but the estimates look good.”

What else is in the programme?

You can see what’s happening in the LHS programme for the North, South and Central Areas of Lambeth or you can contact the technical Team for information about heating and hot water works.