I was adopted, but, it doesn’t define me, it’s just part of my identity

21 February 2014

Written by: Campaigns team

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As our campaign on adoption continues, we hear from James, who tells us about his adoption, and why he’s going to adopt a child himself.

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I was adopted, but, it doesn’t define me, it’s just part of my identity

“My name is James and I was adopted, but, it doesn’t define me, it’s just part of my identity.

I have the same kind of relationship with my (adoptive) parents that most of my non-adopted friends have with theirs.  I grew up with a sibling who wasn’t adopted – he is my parents’ biological son – and it was a great experience.  Today we’re the best of friends and I’m godparent to his children – an honour I hope to repay when I become a father myself.

I was lucky.  I was adopted within a year of being born to a young woman who didn’t have the capacity to care for me herself.  Without a quick adoption I’d have ended up in long-term care, and services back in the 1970s were, I believe, a far cry from those offered by councils like Lambeth today.  But no matter how good the services on offer for so-called “looked-after” children (i.e. those in local authority or other agency care), I believe that every child deserves to be brought up by loving parents.  I firmly believe it’s the best solution for children who – for whatever reason – can’t be adequately cared for by birth parents.

I now want to become a father through adoption. How could I not? There are children here in Lambeth who are waiting for the kind of loving home I know I could provide. I’m lucky that my fiancé also wants to adopt with me. So, a new adoption journey for me is about to begin.

I’d also urge others to begin their own adoption journey.  Here in Lambeth it’s a sad fact that there are large numbers of boys from black ethnic minority backgrounds who can wait years before being adopted. It breaks my heart. These are boys who have a whole lifetime ahead of them. Their potential is enormous, if given the right opportunities.  Opportunities that, I believe, stem from being raised in a stable and loving home.”

You can find out more about adopting in Lambeth through the website  or call 0300 222 5935 for an info pack.