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12 January 2017

Written by: Communications team

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This month’s instalment of theBALANCE leads with an assessment of the transport challenges facing the borough and how the council plans to tackle these in the coming years.

Improving transport links and infrastructure right across Lambeth is essential in building stronger communities, and the Borough Plan outlines how the council plans to enable this. From the successful schemes already completed, such as the overhauling of the dangerous Stockwell gyratory, to those in the pipeline like the proposals for the Vauxhall area, edition 19 takes a detailed look at how one of the most important issues in the eyes of Lambeth residents can be addressed.

Also featuring in this issue is news of Lambeth’s imminent new green recycling bin rollout, a report on the outcome of the judicial review of the decision to rebuild Cressingham Gardens estate, the commencement of Lambeth’s new Creative and Digital Business Strategy, along with an exciting new art installation at the site of Your New Town Hall and details of Lambeth’s Holocaust Memorial Day 2017 event.

There’s also an interactive feature out of the Senseable City Lab at MIT who have mapped the urban tree canopies of 12 global cities – London included – along with an Expedia map of the capital’s street food market for the foodie in you.

And if all of that isn’t enough, then you can also catch up on readers’ feedback on the issues raised in the last edition, and from all previous editions, of theBALANCE.

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