Lambeth: Cutting the cost of bike storage for families

8 August 2023

Written by: Lambeth Council

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The council is cutting the cost of bike hangars spaces in Lambeth to help residents reduce their cost of living and carbon emissions.

The cut will make sure that a family of four will pay less to store their bikes than they pay for any residents parking permit for a car – which is currently just over £120 per year for an electric vehicle.

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Lambeth: Cutting the cost of bike storage for families

The on-street cycle storage units are important in helping people who live in flats and other homes with limited space keep their bike safe and secure when they are at home.

The price reduction of £12 per bike for a 12-month permit will come into effect from 10 August 2023.

Cllr Rezina Chowdhury, Lambeth’s Deputy Leader (Sustainable Lambeth and Clean Air), said: “We know that residents are struggling with the cost of living and that they want to do more to tackle the climate emergency.

“A family that cycles should not pay more to store their vehicles than one that drives, but this was the effect of per-vehicle pricing. Now a family of four will not pay more to cycle than drive, and an individual will pay only a quarter for parking if they cycle.”

“Road traffic is a danger, particularly to children and disabled people, and toxic air hurts everyone. Walking and cycling make our streets safer, our air cleaner and is good for our health. The council has a role to play in creating the right incentives for people to make greener choices.”

“This new measure supports our wider work to support our communities as we work on improving our neighbourhoods, improving our health and becoming net zero by 2030.”

There are currently 423 bike hangars in Lambeth, providing 2,538 cycle spaces, as part of the council’s commitment to installing 5,000 secure cycle storage spaces by 2026. As well as annual subscriptions falling from £42 to £30, the council is also currently reviewing its charges for cycle storage on estates with a view to also cutting the cost to help ensure even more residents can afford access to secure bike storage.

These initiatives are part of Lambeth Council’s wider efforts to transform local streets to make them more pleasant, enjoyable public spaces that meet the challenges of a changing climate.

The council’s award-winning Kerbside Strategy will see a quarter of the kerbside reclaimed from car parking spaces, to allow for more community parklets, cycle infrastructure and climate resilient measures.

The council’s Big Shift campaign is also supporting people to make the switch from cars to sustainable forms of travel wherever possible.

Register your interest in a bike hangar or adopted bike hangar for your street via Lambeth Council and Cyclehoop.