Lambeth: Home care changes to better support people in need

26 April 2024

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Home care for older and disabled people in Lambeth is being improved under a new model that aims to better meet local needs and provide more support to workers in the sector.

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Lambeth: Home care changes to better support people in need

This includes Lambeth Council having signed up to the Ethical Care Charter guaranteeing that homecare workers are paid for travel, sick pay and receive regular training. It also means that all home care workers will be paid the London Living Wage as a minimum.

The service is also being reorganised into eight local neighbourhoods, allowing home care to better link up with front line NHS services, and to better respond to local needs in each area.

Fiona Connolly, Lambeth’s Corporate Director: Housing & Adults Social Care, said: “We are committed to better meeting the needs of residents who receive home care. This is a significant change in how we commission home care, but we have a dedicated team in place to support people through this handover period.

“The new model of care is more joined-up and will provide a more consistent service to residents within the eight neighbourhood areas. It will also allow better cross working with our housing teams for the benefit of our Residents.

“This approach will mean that carers can respond more quickly to an individual’s changing needs and minimise time spent on travel.”

The council is working closely with the NHS to put in place the new home care neighbourhood model which is starting next month and will continue to be rolled out until March next year.