Findings of Baroness Casey report into Met police are deeply shameful, say Lambeth Council leaders

21 March 2023

Written by: Lambeth Council

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The leader of Lambeth Council has expressed her anger at a damning report into the Metropolitan Police which concludes that the police force continues to let down Londoners and is institutionally racist, misogynistic and homophobic.

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Findings of Baroness Casey report into Met police are deeply shameful, say Lambeth Council leaders

Commenting on the release of Baroness Casey’s independent report into the culture of the Metropolitan Police today, Cllr Claire Holland said: “This report is shameful, detailing appalling breaches of trust and the failure of the Met to properly protect Londoners.

“It reveals what many of us know all too well – that there is widespread failure in the Met to deal with misconduct by officers which leaves racism, misogyny and homophobia going unpunished.

“These findings may not surprise residents in Lambeth, particularly women, our LGBTQ+ communities and those from Black, Asian and Multi Ethnic backgrounds, who directly experience this racism, misogyny and homophobia. But they continue to cause distress and trauma amongst them, preventing trust in the police from being built and leaving our communities vulnerable to mistreatment.

“This report cannot be ignored as many have been before. This has to be a moment of genuine change, with an end to this cycle of mistrust and institutional racism, misogyny and homophobia.”

Communities in Lambeth have experienced these shocking failures in the most profound ways, from the horrifying murder of Sarah Everard to the shooting of Chris Kaba and death in custody of Ian Taylor. In her report Baroness Casey lays out how our residents face discriminatory and unfair treatment in many ways, including that faced by a Lambeth employee in 2019 which is referenced in report.

That man faced an unfair and unnecessary stop and search and when he complained about it, he was told there was no case to answer. Only after being challenged by Lambeth Council was the case properly reviewed and the complaint upheld. But even then, no action was taken against the officers, leaving an absence of justice which can only exacerbate the lack of trust many people have in the police.

Cllr Mahamed Hashi, Lambeth’s Cabinet Member for Safer Communities said: “The report is a damning indictment of the Metropolitan Police and the deep-rooted discrimination that exists within the organisation. The findings are particularly shocking in relation to the safety of women and girls, who have been placed at greater risk than necessary.

“The report highlights what we know to be true in Lambeth regarding the impact of policing cuts, and the withdrawal from the frontline that many of us have experienced in our communities.

“I know that many Lambeth residents will already know the report’s finding that the Met under-protects and over-polices Black Londoners. That our daily experience is recognised is important but also deeply frustrating for so many that too little action has been taken to address this until now.

“We will continue to hold the Met to account and work our local police services to root out discrimination and keep Lambeth residents safe.”