Our Streets

2 November 2016

Written by: Neighbourhood enhancement project team

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Our Streets is the latest phase of our Neighbourhood Enhancement Programme set up to provide an opportunity for residents to tell us how we can improve streets in their neighbourhoods and help make better places to live.

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Our Streets

The following wards are included in this phase:

  • Streatham South
  • Streatham Wells
  • St Leonard’s
  • Thornton

These wards have been selected because of road safety concerns and links to existing local projects.

Junction which has been redesigned to tighten and slow down drivers.

Previous improvements include tightening junctions to slow traffic and making outdoor areas for people to enjoy (shown above).

We have spoken to many residents and businesses in these wards and have received lots of great improvement ideas.

We have looked through these and put some project proposals together which focus on making neighbourhoods greener and the public highway safer for drivers and pedestrians.

A minimum of £200,000 will be available to spend on each ward, which has been provided through Section 106 funding, generated by local planning applications and a sum of street improvement money which Lambeth Council has received from Transport for London.

What are we going to do?

We want to create cleaner, greener and safer places to live:

  • We are planting trees across a range of neighbourhood locations to help improve air quality and the street environment.
  • Working with social enterprise Father Nature we’ll be holding events within the community to install planters and raised beds in neighbourhoods.
  • Make public realm improvements and de-cluttering in areas to help create cleaner and greener spaces, as well as dealing with rat running traffic.
  • A number of traffic calming, road safety and yellow line waiting restrictions will be assessed and where feasible constructed in identified roads. New pedestrian crossings near some schools have also been added to the list of proposals.

More details on the list of final projects and locations will be published here as we take them forward.

Find out more

Read more on our Our Streets Programme page.


3 Thoughts on “Our Streets

  1. Brian Ransom says:

    Please consider width restrictions at either end of Thornton Road to exclude lorries and large vehicles who use it as a cut through to Weir Road industrial estate or the lights at Poynders Road. They drive so fast down the road over the speed humps that the houses shake. Also with the schools in the area it is dangerous.
    The large vehicles should be made to use the main Roads.

  2. Denisa says:

    Lovely to see but Why is Streatham Hill missing out but Thornton is included?

  3. Cath says:

    Really disappointed nothing for Natal rd it could do with some love after the heavy use during the Tesco redevelopment

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