Read Spring 2023’s Lambeth Talk

14 April 2023

Written by: Lambeth Council

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Lambeth’s free 24-page news magazine for Spring 2023 includes news on environmentally-friendly travel, environmental improvements, and taking Lambeth Leisure Centres back in house. The cover photo features cyclists.

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Read Spring 2023’s Lambeth Talk

Your new 24-page Lambeth Talk magazine for Spring 2023 features news and updates from Lambeth Council and the community.

Your news and features include:

  • Letter from Cllr Claire Holland, Leader of Lambeth Council, announcing a new budget to support people most in need in the cost of living crisis and the benefits available to people from the changes in Lambeth Leisure Centre management.
  • News pages including agreement on Lambeth’s new Air Quality Action Plan and tree planting strategy for environmental improvements, and Lambeth Country Show.
  • Feature on the “Big Shift” to active transport in Lambeth including cycling training, affordable bicycle offers and more.
  • Voter ID for local, mayoral and general elections.
  • Lambeth’s Leisure Centres and offers available for everyone in Lambeth as a result of management returning to council control.
  • “Bee Roads” replacing roadside turf with wildlife-friendly wildflower planting, plus how Lambeth is ending the use of glyphosate weedkiller.
  •  Job opportunities to direct young people away from the risk of gangs and violence.
  • Book now Lambeth Libraries’ Readers and Writers month-long festival.

Get your copy of Lambeth Talk

  • Your new Lambeth Talk will be distributed free by post to every household and business in the borough, with deliveries starting in mid-April.
  • Or you can read/download it from Lambeth’s website