Recycle Week

16 June 2014

Written by: Campaigns Team

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Sorting the recyclables from your rubbish is not the only way to recycle from home, there are many other ways to recycle unwanted and even broken items in Lambeth.

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Recycle Week

Sorting recyclables from your rubbish

We make recycling from home as simple as possible by providing free clear sacks for common household recycling items. Simply wash, squash, and take lids off before placing them in the same bag. A full list of what can and can’t be recycled from home is available in our recycling from home guide.

Kerbside properties are also provided with a food waste bin and can also sign up for garden waste collections.

Recycle banks

There are now 89 on-street recycling locations in Lambeth, meaning that wherever you live or work in the borough, it’s now even easier to recycle items that you cannot put into your clear sacks or estate recycling bins.
There are banks for collecting everything from shoes and fabric, to bulbs, batteries and even cooking oil!  To find your nearest on-street recycling location and what you can recycle there, please see our recycling banks and centres map. This map also includes public libraries, shop collection points and charity shops.

Unusual ideas for recycling items that can be reused

Donating is a great way to do the right thing when you no longer want a usable item or you need to declutter.

  • Furniture, appliances and household items – London Reuse Network can collect unwanted items, which are then used to train unemployed young people refurbishing skills.
  • Clothing – Most charity shops accept clothing. Alternatively, you could attend or hold your own Swishing Party, a great way to have a clear out and get a whole new wardrobe without spending any money.
  • Electronics – If you have a broken but loved item why not take it along to a local Restart Party, held by The Restart Project.  They teach fundamental repair and maintenance skills, to help you bring items back to life. If you can’t fix it we have many
  • Bicycles – Consider donating your unwanted or broken bikes to the Recycle a Cycle project so they can be used to teach young people useful mechanical skills.
  • Other items – Free recycling groups such as Freecycle or Freegle are a great way to pass on unwanted items. You may be surprised to find out what people are requesting for upcycling projects!

Get in touch

These are just a few ideas for ways to recycle, if you have any tips or questions please contact us through the comments box below. Alternatively you can tweet us using the hashtag #recycleweek