Save the date … grill those in charge of Lambeth Council on 23 July 2014

10 July 2014

Written by: Web team

Children and young people - Council statements and updates

What should London do for its young people? Get your questions to us about this subject ahead of  full council on 23 July. Comment on this story or tweet us using the hashtag #LambethQuestionTime

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Save the date … grill those in charge of Lambeth Council on 23 July 2014

Got a burning question that you want answered? Something about Lambeth really bothering you? Here’s your chance to get an answer from the people who run Lambeth Council.

We are asking young people across Lambeth to send in questions that they want answered by the elected councilors of Lambeth Council.

The theme is “What should London do for its young people?” and there will be a debate following the questions that are asked, and an agreement about what the council should do next. This really is a chance to get your say across and influence council decision making.

How to ask your question

If you’re feeling particularly brave you can ask the question yourself in the council’s historic chamber, in the company of all the council’s elected councilors, council staff, journalists and members of the public.

You can either submit a question to be answered, or a short statement that you want to read out at the meeting, to contribute to the debate and telling the council what you want to see happen.

Post your questions below, or tweet us @Lambeth_Council using the hashtag #LambethQuestionTime

Even if you don’t get your questions answered on the 23rd, we’ll answer all of them on this blog after the meeting.

If you want to submit a statement, email us what you want to say with a maximum of 200 words on

Get more involved – join the Youth Council

Like the idea of being able to have more of a say on behalf of all the young people in Lambeth? Want to get more involved about what goes on in Lambeth for young people. Look no further – join our award-winning Youth Council. If you’re aged 11 to 19 year olds and you live, work or study in Lambeth then let us know.

The Youth Council allows you to raise issues of concern to young people in Lambeth, allows you to influence policies that affect you, it allows you to make a difference by leading on special projects and will train you to make a positive difference in your community.

The Youth Council members are a voice to represent young people across the borough, and to make Lambeth a better place for them.

Your questions answered

See the cabinet’s answers to your questions on youth services in London.


4 Thoughts on “Save the date … grill those in charge of Lambeth Council on 23 July 2014

  1. Web Team says:

    @BiteTheBallot on twitter ( says:

    What should London do for young people?

    ‘Simple: make voter registration easy, engaging and accessible – we’d happy to help out’

  2. callum simpson says:

    Hello, this event looks interesting and very relevant. Street League work with young people in Lambeth and help them into employment through the power of football. If you could email me the details through that would be great. My email address is –

    Many thanks


    • Web Team says:

      Hi Callum, thanks for your comment, what do you need more info on? It would be great to get some questions in from some young people at Street League

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