Get help from SHINE with energy bills and winter warmth

8 October 2018

Written by: SHINE

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Lambeth Council is partnering with Islington Council in the SHINE scheme again this winter to provide energy advice and assistance to keep people out of fuel poverty.

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Get help from SHINE with energy bills and winter warmth

As part of our drive for Better Homes, the council has signed up to a London-wide scheme that provides energy advice and support to residents at risk of fuel poverty.

Get in touch with SHINE

We know fuel poverty affects millions across London, and becomes particularly acute over winter months. We want to ensure that our residents have a warm, dry and safe home so we encourage all households that feel that they may qualify for the scheme, to get in touch directly with SHINE. The programme, managed by Islington Council, assists people living all over London, allowing Lambeth residents to access the benefits.

Who can get help from SHINE?

Do you live in a household on a low income (below £16,190) and

  • …are aged over 60?
  • …or have a long-term health condition?
  • …or have children aged under 16?

If so, the Seasonal Health Interventions Network (SHINE) scheme may be able to help you.

When can SHINE help?

If you qualify for SHINE, and

  • you are struggling to pay your gas, electricity or water bills
  • you feel your home is very cold or dam
  • you have a disability or long-term health issue which is worsened by the cold.

You may be eligible for over 20 services including:

  • Energy advice
  • Energy and water discounts
  • Heating and insulation grants
  • Fire safety checks.

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